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In This Issue:

- Little Darlings Pinups for Pitbulls
- Kay, the Bomb-Sniffing War Dog
- Ten Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats
- Weekend Getaways



Coins for Canine Cancer

By Kelly Kaliszewski Photos courtesy of Kelly Kaliszewski  A penny saved, might be a penny earned, but thousands of pennies and coins can add up to advances in cancer care and make a dramatic difference in dogs’ lives.  That’s the message behind Wishcuit’s fundraising campaign, Coins For Canine Cancer. Raising awareness […] Read more

Soul Dog Rescue logo

Soul Dog Rescue & Humane Society Thrift Store

By Shelby Davis Englewood, Colorado – July 2014 Soul Dog is a nonprofit animal rescue organization founded to spay/neuter and protect animals.  Soul Dog is proactive in animal welfare advancing the need for spaying and neutering pets to reduce overpopulation.  Volunteers travel to rural communities on Native American reservations where […] Read more

puppy shopping

Cracking the code on your dog’s pet food labels

By Dave Richardson Let’s do a little experiment. In the next 30 seconds, try to list all of the dog food brands that you can think of or have purchased for your dog. Were you able to list several? Probably, and you know that list you just came up with […] Read more


Wellness – Dogs and Urban Wildlife

Kevin T. Fitzgerald, PhD, DVM, DABVP Staff Veterinarian VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital Denver, Colorado In the last 25 years, Denver and the entire front range has experienced phenomenal growth. Since 1950, the population of the city of Denver and its immediate suburbs has increased nearly two and a half […] Read more


Health – The Beauty of Lab Work

Dr. Tom Adducci As your family companion begins to advance in age, yearly screening of blood and urine is recommended. These tests give us valuable information about your pet. It can serve as an early indicator of health issues that may be starting to develop, but are not yet physically […] Read more

David and Bridger

Golden Study Celebrates Its Second Year

By: David Haworth, DVM, PhD, President/CEO, Morris Animal Foundation  I’m writing today while Bridger, my 16-month-old furry child, is lying on my feet. Bridger is an enthusiastic, unapologetic ball of energy and joy, all contained in a beautiful Golden Retriever body. And, even though he doesn’t know it, he is a […] Read more